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We are Barckmann

Henry Barckmann G.m.b.H. was founded in 1902 as an OHG (unlimited company) and since then has been filed in the Hamburg register of companies. Until 1951, the firm operated as an export agency and was one of the most respected firms of its kind in Hamburg before the world ware. In 1951, Theodor Körner became a junior partner of the company. After the death of the senior partner in 1954, it was him who ran the company. In 1977 Gitta Dávid-Körner joined the company and the unlimited company was converted into a GmbH (limited company). The activities of the business were, at the same time, extended to include the representation of Italian and Spanish weaving mills producing high-quality materials for furniture and interior design. In 1988, Bernd Wiebusch was appointed to be the director of the sales agency. Twenty-two years later, in 2010, Henry Brackmann was able to win Gordian Weik as CEO with his collections. After the separation of the Henry Barckmann Textil publisher in 2012, Miss Favid-Körner was withdrawn from the company's management. Mr. Gordian Weik and Mr. Bernd Wiebusch then became equal partners of the commercial agency Henry Brackmann GmbH. Our customers include top end distributors, wholesalers, furniture manufacturers and other manufacturers and associations, such as cushion producers. Our sales areas include Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Hardly inflammable

the weaving mills CREVIN and TEKSKO offer; modern to classical window fabrics, furnishing fabrics as velours, jacqaurds and shaft textiles. Produces out of brand yarns such as Trevira CS and other notable producers of FR yarns.

Furniture and upholstery fabrics

The weaving mills CREVIN and TEKSKO offer; Velours and flat woven fabrics, jaquard or shaft patterned upholstery fabrics. CREVIN propagates the label „EFFICIENCY“ for washable, easy-care furniture fabrics.